Visiting Tobago Cays from Bequia

Visit Tobago Cays from Bequia

The Tobago Cays, is an archipelago of five small islands sheltered behind a horseshoe reef. Snorkel in this national park where in the clear turquoise waters, Hawksbill turtles graze on seagrass, occasionally surfacing for air and numerous beautiful fish swim among the many corals. Waves breaking on the reef beyond. Far from ‘civilisation’ and only accessible by sea, the white sand beaches of the small Cays are lined with coconut palms.

Visit Mayreau on the way, the smallest inhabited island in The Grenadines, a paradise. Eat at the Saltwhistle Bay Club. If you are still there at sunset, walk up to see the view from the church followed by cocktails at Dennis Hideaway restaurant. A picnic on the beach at Petit Rameau in the Tobago Cays is a possibility too.

Contact Michael Bynoe who offers snorkelling trips, fishing trips, and beach picnics.

Tel: (784) 458 3782

Website: Michael Tours Bequia

Contact Lainie Gratz who offers powerboat charters

Tel: (784) 457 3092


The Jaden Sun fast ferry

Tel: 784 451 2192

Website: Jaden Sun Fast Ferry

Or, once on Union Mr. Fabulous has a fast and comfortable speedboat

Around 20ft long – he will arrange transport and a barbeque. A really nice Rasta, he is licensed, insured, brings his own grill, (cleans up carefully afterwards) and doesn’t take fish from the reef.

Tel (784) 492 4056 or 492 4057 and on channel 16 VHF

If you were going to spend some time on Union, ask for a price to go around to Chatham Bay stopping at Frigate Island. Very good snorkelling but over granite boulders – eels, sea snakes and lots of fish. There is also (in season) a temporary bar at Chatham Bay that does simple good food.

Cassava recommended as the place to stay in Bequia by Condé Nast

Cassava is named as one of the 50 best villas in the Caribbean by The Times