Boat rental in Bequia

Boat Rental in Bequia

Spend a magical day on The Friendship Rose

sailing on a 100ft. wooden schooner built in Friendship Bay which was once the island’s ferry. Explore the beautiful and uninhabited islands of the Grenadines. Relax with good food (breakfast and lunch) and drinks. In about 3 hours arrive at the Tobago Cays, swim and snorkel with turtles and beautiful fish of many colours. Land at Mayreau to explore this paradise of an island, have lunch at Saltwhistle Bay or up in the hill-top village at one of the charming restaurants. With the wind behind, you can be back home in nearer 2 hrs.

Tel: (784) 457 3888

Website: Friendship Rose

Michael Tours

Michael Tours offers the island visitor snorkelling trips, fishing, and beach picnics.

Tel: (784) 458.3782

Website: Michael Tours

Charter a powerboat for the day

Explore Mustique (20min), Mayreau and the Tobago Cays ( an hour) or the leeward coast (20 to 30 min) of St. Vincent and Wallilabou Bay where both Pirates of the Caribbean movies (Revenge of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest) were filmed. At the bay entrance on the north is a beautiful natural stone arch and excellent snorkelling.
Balliceaux Charter, 31ft. powerboat

Tel: (784) 457 3092


Charter a powerboat to take you across to have lunch at the Cotton House on Mustique or Basil’s Bar
Come back via Moonhole as the sun glows into the evening light.

Rachel powerboat or an option of a larger boat

Raleigh Bynoe
Tel: +1 (784) 593 3631 or 458 3782

Clara powerboat

Brent Gooding
Tel: +1 (784) 533 3777

Cassava recommended as the place to stay in Bequia by Condé Nast

Cassava is named as one of the 50 best villas in the Caribbean by The Times